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A Shared Hosting Account, as the name suggests, shares server space and resources with multiple accounts. On the other hand, Virtual Private Server, popularly known as VPS, is an isolated portion of commercial server that is leased for a fixed duration for Web Hosting.  Both these ways of Web Hosting have their own advantages. However, the latter is gaining in popularity owing to some of the distinct benefits it enjoys over Shared Hosting.

Access To Hosting Resources
In case of Shared Hosting, there is monitoring software that imposes minimal limits on sharing of all the hardware resources by multiple accounts. Opposed to that in VPS there are stringent monitoring systems and limits so as to ensure that the activities of a user do not affect others. In VPS, one can reboot and reinstall the operating system and this particular feature gives VPS an edge over Shared Hosting.


VPS Fares Better On Security Aspect
In case of Shared Hosting, multiple users can access, upload and download files on the same operating system, a feature that makes such hosting more vulnerable to security threats. The independent file system in VPS Hosting prevents the users from accessing the files that they are not authorized or permitted to use.  Certainly, VPS Hosting features a beefed up security system.


Distinct Email Server In VPS Hosting
In VPS Hosting, each user is provided with a unique Email Server. This gives the users a control over the mails as they are from distinct IP address. Such is not the case with Shared Hosting where a common mail server is shared by multiple users. Errors or misbehavior by any user can potentially affect others


There are certain other parameters as well, on which the above mentioned hosting plans can be compared; scalability certainly being one of them.  Well, it won’t be an unfair conclusion that VPS Hosting has more to offer to the users when it comes to resources and security. Definitely, when pitting VPS Hosting against Shared Hosting, the former gets a better rating and the reasons have already been discussed in the earlier section.

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